When beginning a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Paid Advertising campaign, we have two phases;

1. Project Setup - 10 Business Days

This phase consists of getting your ads ready to target the audience in the best way possible. During this stage, we're collaborating together to help spread your message across the web.

Here's a bit more into our process during Project Setup:

Our Process

1.     We conduct a Discovery Call to collect audience info and login details to necessary accounts. We also send over landing page examples if it's applicable for your campaign.

2.     We send you the ad build and campaign assets for approval.

3.     We then start building the campaign and create landing pages. (5-10 business days)

4.     Once approved, we upload the campaign into AdWords, insert retargeting pixels, set up conversions, and launch.

2. Campaign Launch

Upon launching your campaign, we have one primary goal; gathering 100 clicks.

Once we have the first 100 clicks, this provides us with enough data to begin optimizing the adds for lower Cost-per-Clicks (CPC's) and higher Click-through-Rates (CTR's), ultimately giving your campaigns more visibility without having to raise the budget.