Content Marketing is the future! It's how businesses grow; it's how traffic is gained.

With content marketing, to sum it up, we're essentially driving traffic, links, mentions to your content, with the end goal being more visibility to your content, leading to a plethora f benefits, including SEO results.

With content marketing, the process is laid out into several stages:

1. Content Gap Analysis

We conduct an audit of your current content to determine where improvements can be made. Do specific pieces of content need to be updated, does the content need a bit of SEO loves, are there coding issues? These are all questions we answer during this audit.

2. Keyword/Topic Research

Research is conducted to find the low-hanging fruit, as well as longer-term content topic solutions. During this stage, we have a specific set of criteria we look for when determining the value of a search term or topic.

If the topic shows that realistic results will be met, we then move on to the next stage;

3. Creative Production

Whether you work with our internal creative department or you have another company in mind to produce the content, this stage consists of mapping out the content requirements and the paired rich media.

Note: we love working with companies in a variety of industries and play well with others. Have a different team for content production? No problems!

4. Marketing

Once the content has been published for the viewing public, we begin the ongoing marketing campaign, focused on getting attention to your piece. Whether it's inclusion in relevant pieces scheduled for release in an authoritative publication or even added to resource sections of relevant educational websites, we get your content noticed.

5. Optimization

When we enter this stage, your content is already getting noticed. Utilizing a variety of performance metrics and platforms, we focus on increasing the conversion rate of your offer, Call-to-Action, funnel, lead magnet, phone number.