To first understand how we bill, you must first understand what's involved with paid advertising and the lingo used.

Advertisement Platform
The platform which accepts sponsored/advertisements where we will create, syndicate, monitor and optimize your ads. This could be Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora & more.

The pre-determined advertisement budget which goes directly to the platform for ad visibility. None of the adspend goes to Break The Web.

This is why you've hired us; because of our expertise and track record for success. This is where we work with you to produce high-quality ads for campaign launch, followed by continuous analyzation, measuring & optimization to increase impressions, Click-Through-Rate (CTR), and leads.

To keep things as simple as possible, we manage paid advertising campaigns on the various Advertising Platforms. For the management, we have our separate fees, which differs from the Adspend that goes directly to these platforms. For future reference, let’s call our fees/services “Management” and advertising budget which goes to the platforms “Adspend”.

We invoice you directly for our management fees and our fees only.

After the initial management fee invoice is paid, recurring management fees will be charged automatically and you will be issued an invoice/receipt immediately after.
*Note: You are not locked into any contract or obligation of any sort.

The advertising platform will charge you separately for the advertisements themselves. For this to happen we need to attach your credit card details to the account.

It is difficult to accurately predict the scheduling of these payments. Google will charge your card when a threshold of $500 has been reached, otherwise, they will charge you 30 days after the previous payment, whichever comes first. If required, the threshold can be changed. This is also the same for Facebook ads. More information on billing for Google and Facebook.

As the majority of these advertising platforms work on an auction-based system, the amount spent on ads will differ slightly each month but will never exceed your nominated budgets for adspend.