Reporting and Optimization Framework

Two separate reports will be provided.

  1. A computer-generated report presenting campaign data sent on the renewal date of your campaign,

  2. A video report created by your PPC Manager explaining the data, and suggesting recommended optimizations.

The video report will be provided within 1 week of your campaigns renewal date.  The report and the recommendations will be housed within the Project Management Tracker and clients will be notified via email.

The Account Manager will discuss the recommended adjustments with you and will agree upon the next round of optimizations to occur.  All recommendations must be collected by the upcoming renewal date.

Campaign optimizations will occur once a month and will be implemented within the first two business days of the campaign’s renewal date.  No alterations outside our normal weekly optimization tasks to the PPC campaign will occur outside of this time. This is to ensure that the data sets being tested to provide accurate and actionable information for us to appropriately optimize the campaign.

Adjustments of your campaign, in consultation with you based on the recommendations outlined in the reports, will be implemented in the following testing cycle.  This means that a PPC schedule might look something like this:

Client Renewal Date

Reporting Date

Optimization Date

Jan 1

Feb 5

Internal optimization

Feb 1

Mar 5

Mar 2 (based on Jan reports)

Mar 1

Apr 5

Apr 2 (based on Feb reports)

Apr 1

May 5

May 2 (based on Mar reports)

Special circumstances can be taken into consideration for minor amendments to campaigns such as pausing an adgroup because a product is no longer on offer.