Understanding how the initial process of campaign setup works from start to finish will help the process move much smoother.

The typical speed of Project Setup is roughly 10-days from the discovery call and it’s our goal to keep that timeframe for you.

The timeline of the Project Setup can be delayed due to many factors, typically caused by delays in approvals, custom landing pages, custom creatives/images/videos.

1. Client Intake Form

As a new client, we would need you to complete this form accurately and completely. If you are unsure of any of the fields please don't hesitate to get in touch with your Account Strategist.

2. Our MCC Account Has Access To Your Account

To begin managing ads on your behalf, we’ll need to link our MCC Account to an existing or new Google Ads account, or to another manager account. Then, we can view information across multiple Google Ads accounts and switch between all linked accounts using just one login.

Once we received your Ads account ID within the Client Intake Form, an access request will be sent. You will receive a notification via email or you can approve access directly by following the instructions below:

1) Click on the wrench-icon (Tools) on the top menu on the right and
2) click on 
Account access.

3) Then click on Managers and you will see a list of pending invitations.
4) Then 
action column on the right to accept the invitation.

3. Discovery Call

While the campaign is NOT built yet, we use the Project Setup phase as part of our LEARNING process. This LEARNING phase requires that we understand deep parts of your business, your structure, your audience, messaging & much more.

The call will involve both The Account Strategist & The Paid Advertising Producer.

If you haven’t yet scheduled this Discovery Call, your Account Strategist will send you a link to schedule with our team.

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